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Online Book Reservation for Borrowing

A faculty or student may borrow books in the library by messaging or chatting the library to request a book for home use. The following steps have to be considered:

  1. Log-in to the Follett's Destiny Library Manager using your username and password. If you don't have log-in data yet, please do message us.
  2. Type in your search on the search box provided.
  3. Once titles are retrieved, choose the title/s that you wish to borrow and click on the "Hold It" button to put it on reserve.
  4. Go to the library to pick up the book/s you reserved or if you are below 21 years old, as per Section 3 of IATF Guidelines on areas under GCQ, have someone pick up the book/s for you together with the authorization letter and your student ID.

Book Return through Book Drop

How to return the books borrowed?

  1.  Bring the book/s on or before the due date.
  2.  A box is provided outside the library. Drop the book slowly into it.
  3.  Wait for a notification email from the Circulation Librarian for clearance.

Book Renewal

Renewal of books can be done physically going to the library or through online.

Online renewal:

  1. E-mail the Circulation Librarian with the titles of the books you wish to renew to avoid penalty. 
  2. Provide the complete bibliographic information: Call Number, Author, Title, and Copyright Date.
  3. Wait for confirmation through a reply from your e-mail.


Physical renewal: 

  1. Bring in the book/s with you for renewal to the library.
  2. Present the book/s for renewal to the Circulation Librarian.
  3. Take note of the next due date of the book/s to avoid penalty.

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