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Information Access and Retrieval Services

The library provides a wide array of online resources, which makes the online customers overwhelmed with the information retrieved with just a keystroke. It is a challenge to some of them. And with that, an assistance to those who need access and retrieval to the online resources is provided. Through reference interview and negotiation, the information needs of the customers will be determined. 

Moreover, assistance to the customers with the retrieval of the printed materials can also be availed by the customers, and on how to retrieve materials using the search or lead in tools.

This service may be availed through online or by visiting the library. 

Electronic Document Delivery Service

Students 21 years old and below are not allowed to enter the library, as per IATF guidelines on the implementation of GCQ. The Library System has devised a service that has already been offered physically before the crisis we have. To avail the service, simply message or chat us.

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